New Graphics on KPD Cruisers

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New Graphics on KPD Cruisers

Posted: 06/27/2005
 Knoxville Police Chief Sterling Owen unveiled three new vehicles along with a new look for Knoxville Police Department vehicles. The vehicles with the new graphics were placed into service last week.

Chief Owen said a committee was formed early this year to explore how the department's look could be updated. After reviewing vehicle markings from several hundred police agencies around the country along with several designs submitted by employees, the committee decided on the wide blue and black stripe. After receiving final approval from the Mayor, the new markings were placed onto fifty new Ford Crown Vics that were ready to be placed into service.

Chief Owen said, "The officers are excited about the new look. This is the first major change in the design of KPD cruisers since 1994. We believe the new updated look will have long-lasting appeal to the officers and our community."

A new prisoner transport vehicle (PTV) has also been added to the KPD fleet. The vehicle includes an all aluminum interior that can be easily cleaned and disinfected. Current transportation vans have a painted plywood interior that is difficult to clean. Outfitted for service, the new transportation vehicle cost $48,000. One new PTV will be added to the fleet each year for the next two years.

Chief Owen said, "By switching to the new PTV's, city taxpayers will save at least $3,000.00 over the cost of modified cargo vans that are currently used for transporting prisoners."
Two battery powered parking enforcement vehicles have also been added to the fleet. These vehicles replace the outdated Cushman Scooters that have been used for downtown parking enforcement for years. The new vehicles have a maximum speed of 25 mph with a range of 30 miles between charges. The electric vehicles cost $11,500 each, which is $6,500 less than the Cushmans.