2005 Outstanding City Employees Announced

Communications Director

Kristin Farley
(865) 215-2589

400 Main St., Room 691
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2005 Outstanding City Employees Announced

Posted: 09/14/2005
Mayor Haslam announced the Outstanding City Employee Award for 2005 at the City Council meeting held Tuesday, September 13.

These employees were nominated by either a peer or supervisor. All nominated employees were rated by a committee of employees from each department without knowing the names of those being rated. Only the top five finalists were recognized.


DONALD A. JONES - Police Lieutenant

Lieutenant Jones has an outstanding reputation. He is a role model, mentor and trainer for our officers. He has recruited, trained, and developed new employees. He has been a leader within his department, helping to instill in his fellow officers the professional ideals that we strive to provide to provide to our community. He dedicates endless hours to his profession, sacrificing personal time to make sure his tasks as a Lieutenant and Training Director are executed and executed well. His reputation is well respected not only in our community but also outside. Other agencies and members of the public often call on him for his expertise. He is always glad to share his knowledge and time. His winning attitude has fostered many friends and partnerships for the City. Lieutenant Jones is an employee that truly cares about his work, the work of the Knoxville Police department, and the work of the City of Knoxville.


RICHARD CURETON, Master Systems Engineer

Richard Cureton is a Master Systems Engineer. He is one of the "unsung heroes" of the Information Systems department. He can be found behind the scenes solving complex technical issues that impact every computer user in the City. Richard truly thinks of his job as fun and it shows in his work and in his relationships with those that he works with. Without his assistance, experience, and knowledge, the information systems department would not run as smoothly as it does. It doesn't matter if he has to come in on the weekend or in the middle of the night, Richard will meet and challenge to complete his work seamlessly, professionally, and consistently. He can be counted on to tackle the most complex projects and do whatever it takes to complete them to the highest standards. Richard holds and maintains an extensive list of certifications and continuously educates himself on new programs and methods. He passes this extensive knowledge on to other personnel in the department in a mentoring role. Richard is a shinning example of expertise and dedication in his field and to the City.

VICKI DAGNAN, Safety City Coordinator

As Safety City Coordinator, Vicki Dagnan goes about her work with a motivated and enthusiastic approach. She also instills that attitude in her subordinates and peers involving the projects at Safety City. She is consistently working to increase participation by outside corporate partners, encouraging them to assist in providing an excellent training resource for child safety. This is not always easy, but she does it with ease and never allows set backs or obstacles to daunt her spirit. As she always says "...a challenge builds character". Due to her positive attitude, she is willing to try new ideas and exercise changes that promote greater success. Her mindset is contagious to everyone around her. She does not hesitate to put in long hours or weekends to support the programs and services that Safety City provides. Furthermore, Vicki consistently seeks out new challenges, develops initiatives, and sees them through to completion. She is an exemplary employee who fosters goodwill throughout the community.

ROBERT LEEK, Equipment Operator III

Robert Leek has been nominated for his dedication in the field of Public Works. Robert does much more than operate equipment in the Neighborhood & Public Service Department. He is a rock solid employee that is counted on time and again. Robert has been a constant source of compliments to his department for his professionalism in the community. He performs his work with unsurpassed expertise and care. His standards are set high and he makes sure that any task that he is assigned is done in a manner that reflects well on our City. He is eager to learn new equipment and to educate his fellow employees to help ensure smooth operation of his work group, the department, and the City. He is a true team player with an interest in doing his job well everyday for the City of Knoxville and its citizens.

PAUL TRUMPORE- Master Firefighter

Master Firefighter Paul Trumpore is the Public Education Officer for the Fire Department and also the Fire Department Chaplain and Critical Incident Stress Management Team Leader. His love of education and concern for safety has lead him in his tireless efforts to educate and help his fellow mankind. He educates children at Safety City about fire safety and has contributed countless hours spearheading the Safe Kids Program in our area. As Chaplain, he goes above and beyond tending to the people of our community in their hour of need. Paul's teaching, community outreach, and genuine care and concern have reached a large population of the City of Knoxville. He is a shining example of an employee striving to promote stronger and safer neighborhoods in our City.

CONGRATULATIONS to all those nominated! We hope everyone will join us in letting each one know how much his/her hard work and dedication are appreciated! Each nominee is definitely a "Winner"!