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Statement from Chief Eve Thomas on Approval of Contract with Axon Enterprise, Inc.  
On Tuesday night, Knoxville Police Department Chief of Police Eve Thomas released the following statement regarding City Council’s approval of the contract with Axon Enterprise, Inc. 

“We are excited to reach this point in the process of equipping our officers with body-worn cameras and upgrading our in-car camera system. I am proud of the diligent and efficient efforts that went into identifying and selecting a vendor, and we look forward to our partnership with Axon Enterprise, Inc. We will continue to work with haste to get body-worn cameras in the field as quickly as possible. As an organization, we view body-worn cameras as another tool to improve transparency and accountability while increasing the trust of the community we serve. We also believe that body-worn cameras will highlight the volume of positive interactions our officers have in the community and the magnitude of the tense situations they diffuse on a daily basis.” 
Posted by serland On 28 July, 2020 at 10:31 PM