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Arim Ismail named 2019 KPD Explorer of the Year  
2019 Explorer of the Year

Arim Ismail has been selected as the Knoxville Police Department’s 2019 Explorer of the Year, it was announced by the Department on Monday, May 11. Ismail was presented the award for her unselfish dedication, dependability and significant accumulation of volunteer hours. 

The Knoxville Police Department typically hosts a Recognition Luncheon to honor its yearly award winners. However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the 2019 Recognition Luncheon was canceled. The winners were presented their award on the afternoon of Friday, May 8. 

Ismail began the Basic Explorer Academy in May 2019. After joining the Explorer post, she donated over 130 hours to the Knoxville Police Department and the community over the remainder of the year. Those hours were the result of working 14 of the 28 activities that the Explorers post participated in during the two and a half quarters that she was a member. In addition to that, Ismail attended every Tuesday night meeting, a total of 16, since joining the post. 

“She sets a good example for the other explorers, is punctual in her duties, is respectful and disciplined, and has never been counseled,” Officer Chris Hutton said of Ismail. “Explorer Ismail pushes those around her to be better and holds them accountable when needed. Arim is aspiring to become a Police Cadet, and will make an excellent addition to our department.” 

On May 4, Ismail began her journey to become a Police Cadet by starting the Cadet Academy. 

2019 Explorer of the Year video
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