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Stadium Milestone: All 1,200 Tons of Steel Framing in Place, Plus Two-thirds of the Concrete Poured 
Good weather and skilled crews led to an end-of-2023 milestone in construction of the City- and County-owned multi-use stadium in East Knoxville.

All of the structural steel framing is now in place - a whopping 1,200 tons of steel!

"You can really see the stadium shaping up," says Barry Brooke, the Sports Authority's construction representative.

See for yourself! Here is a video produced by the City Communications Department after a recent tour of the stadium site.

"Completing the structural steel is important because it frees up the tradesmen to move on to other jobs," Brooke says. "They're framing out walls on the first floor now."

In addition, about 4,700 cubic yards of concrete have been poured so far - roughly two-thirds of the stadium's total.

And if you noticed dirt being moved in the area on the southern end of the stadium, that's the final grading before the foundation is laid for a bridge to span First Creek.

"This will be part of the concourse," Brooke says. "You'll be able to watch the game from the concourse and be up above the field. This will be very special and unique."
Posted by evreeland On 03 January, 2024 at 10:58 AM