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Stadium Update: First Concourse Decking In Place 
In the past month, construction crews have made huge progress in constructing the City- and County-owned multi-use stadium between East Knoxville and the Old City.

More steel girders have been installed as the stadium is taking shape.

"A tremendous amount of steel has been erected," said Barry Brooke, the Sports Authority's construction representative.

In recent weeks, two sections of concourse decking also have been put in place. Foundations are going in on the east corner, near what used to be the intersection of Jackson Avenue and Florida Street. And installation of the stadium's 48-inch sanitary sewer line and 36-inch water line has been finished.

View of stadium construction, November 2023.

In addition, construction is underway on the privately-owned William Francis Yardley Flats building, which will be built on the third base side of the stadium. On the first base side, excavation work is being done to start work on the privately-owned Beauford Delaney Building, which will also house Smokies team offices.

Play ball - plus soccer matches, concerts and other public events - beginning in spring 2025.
Posted by evreeland On 28 November, 2023 at 1:36 PM