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The New Stadium is Going Vertical - Check Out This Video! 
If you haven't driven lately across the Hall of Fame Drive bridge above Jackson Avenue, right where the Old City and East Knoxville intersect, you might be surprised.

What had for months been a flat vacant parcel is suddenly recognizable: A stadium is taking shape and going vertical.

Check out this video from last week!

Denark Construction crews are making impressive headway in constructing a City- and County-owned multi-use stadium. Steel girders are being erected, and close to 5,000 cubic yards of concrete have recently been poured - the equivalent of the contents of 500 concrete mixer trucks.

Over the course of the next year and a half, City Communications staff will be providing regular updates on the stadium construction at www.KnoxvilleTN.gov/Stadium

Because the multi-use stadium is a major redevelopment initiative, predicted to generate $480 million in new economic activity over 30 years, we'll also share information about new businesses moving into the Magnolia Avenue Warehouse District.

And we'll provide details on all the new public amenities - streetscapes and public plazas, for example - as construction unfolds.

Check back for updates. Coming next: What's up with the stadium's "spaghetti junction," and how long will it take to finish the steel framing that started last week?
Posted by evreeland On 12 October, 2023 at 1:36 PM