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Join the City Team: Check Out These Job Opportunities!  
The old adage about job recruitment is true: A great way to attract job candidates is by word of mouth.

"When our employees talk positively about their jobs to friends and relatives, that helps with recruitment," says Public Service Director Chad Weth. "Public Service employees take a lot of pride in what we do. We care about making our parks and neighborhoods look their best, and about clearing streets after wind or snowstorms.

"When people outside the City workforce see our employees' sense of satisfaction, of accomplishment, I think it sometimes prompts them to look at our job listings and consider coming to work for the City."

Currently, go to www.KnoxvilleTN.gov/Jobs, and you'll find a range of City job openings: Police officers and cadets, a variety of Parks and Recreation positions, and - in Weth's department - equipment operators and entry level positions.

Did you know that the Public Service Department’s Horticulture team each year plants about 15,000 seasonal flowers to supplement and add color to public landscaping beds across the city?

"When you come to work for Public Service, there are a lot of pluses," Weth says. "Good benefits and the opportunity for fast promotion. Predictable hours, professional managers and well-respected health and safety rules.

"One of the things that many Public Service employees say they especially like is the early start to the work shift and ending at 3:30 p.m. That allows those who are parents to be able to enjoy time with their kids and to be involved in their children's schools or extra-curricular activities."
Posted by evreeland On 05 October, 2023 at 5:20 PM