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On 2-Year Anniversary, Mayor Kincannon Thankful for ARPA Assistance 
In March 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act was enacted, and Knoxville received more than $40 million in federal funding over two years. Mayor Indya Kincannon and City Council directed the resources to help some of Knoxville's most vulnerable families - as well as to get back on track with strategic investments.

"Two years ago, the country was in the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic," Mayor Kincannon said. "Cities rightfully switched priorities during the pandemic to help families and individuals in need. ARPA assistance helped us do more of that, but it also provided resources to help us economically recover as a community. It allowed us to invest in things like roads, sidewalks, parks and stormwater infrastructure."

Federal ARPA funds totaled more than $40 million in Knoxville for pandemic relief and for strategic investments.

Unlike other pandemic assistance from the U.S. government, ARPA funds went directly to cities - and, within the program's specific parameters, cities were given autonomy to put the money where it would do the most good.

"Knoxville, like everywhere else, was hurt by COVID-19," Kincannon said. "We're grateful for the federal funding at a time when it was sorely needed."

The American Rescue Plan Act funds in Knoxville were carefully and strategically distributed. The federal assistance funded everything from protecting and sheltering individuals experiencing homelessness, to supporting local artists and nonprofit groups who lost income during the pandemic shutdowns, to installing tailored traffic-calming designs in neighborhoods. ARPA helped the City to pave streets, improve parks and provide "hero pay" to first responders.

Federal funds helped us add more bus shelters and offset loss of ridership revenues during the worst of the pandemic shutdowns.

In addition, ARPA funded millions of dollars worth of City stormwater and KUB water system upgrades - replacing old galvanized pipes, installing drainage infrastructure, and restoring creeks and streams.

"The American Rescue Plan helped vulnerable members of our community survive the pandemic in the short term," Mayor Kincannon said. "The infrastructure investments enhance our community's economic resilience in the long term. We are thankful for this federal support!" 

Posted by evreeland On 16 March, 2023 at 10:03 AM