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City Salutes Cindy Gass’ Half Century of Service 
Talk about a spontaneous and heartfelt fond farewell.

It's what you'd hope for when saying goodbye to a beloved co-worker who's invested half a century in public service.

When Deputy Police Chief Cindy Gass retired a few weeks ago, her friends and fellow officers lined the hallway of the Safety Building and gave Chief Gass a cheer, and hugs, as she left the building.

Check out this other video, below, in which Chief Gass reflects on a career and KPD as a home away from home.

"I've been here a long time - in this building for around 48 years, 43 of that as a police officer," Gass says. "This has been my second home. This is where I met my husband. ... This is like family."

Gass is proud to have had a big role in something important.

"Being able to be a part of something, and make changes - and institute things that help the officers and employees - that means the world to me."

Prompted by Chief Gass' retirement, KPD announced the promotion of four veteran officers (click HERE).

Capt. Tony Willis, who has served with KPD since January 1996, was selected for promotion to Deputy Chief. Willis most recently served as a Captain within the Field Operations Bureau, commanding the West District. 

Lt. Tracy Hunter was selected for promotion to Captain, most recently serving as Field Operations Deputy Chief Gass’ executive officer.

Deputy Chief Willis is serving as the commander of the Field Operations Bureau, while Capt. Hunter is now the Special Investigations Captain within the Investigations Bureau. 

In addition to the two Command Staff promotions, Sgt. Sam Henard was promoted to Lieutenant, and Officer Steve Kaufman was promoted to Sergeant. Lt. Henard is assigned to the Field Operations Bureau’s Central District, while Sgt. Kaufman is assigned to the West District. 
Posted by evreeland On 16 February, 2023 at 11:40 PM