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Public Service Demonstrates Skill at Equipment Rodeo 
The Tennessee Chapter of the American Public Works Association (TCAPWA) held its annual meeting in Knoxville on Nov. 9 and 10, 2022, perhaps giving some home field advantage to our Public Service team members competing in the State Heavy Equipment Rodeo. 

The Equipment Rodeo gives Public Works employees from across the state the chance to demonstrate their skill and technique on special tasks with the heavy equipment they use every day on the job.

For example, the knuckleboom is a timed event in which the operator picks up a brick from a small square on one side of the truck and places it in a small square on the other side of the truck.  The dexterity required to pick up brush piles, including the tiny sticks left at the end, while avoiding power lines, mailboxes, and other obstacles has taught operators to manage their machines with the precision and accuracy on display in this challenge.  

Knuckleboom challenge

In the overall team category, City teams placed First (Isaac Ogle, Scott Jenkins, James Edwards, and Chris Webster) and Third (Eli Muncey, Ed Warren III, Tyler Blair, and Scott Vaden).

Overall team winner
Rodeo participants, from left, Isaac Ogle, Ed Warren III, Scott Jenkins, Marquis Watkins and James Edwards accepted the Annual Equipment Rodeo Champion trophy on behalf of the City of Knoxville. 

In the individual overall category, Scott Vaden placed second in the state, qualifying to compete at the National Heavy Equipment Rodeo. 

Other COK employees who placed were:  

Chris Webster (Horticulture) 1st place
Scott Vaden (Construction) 2nd place

James Edwards (Service Area East) 1st place
Marquis Watkins (Service Area East) 2nd place

Ed Warren, III (Construction) 1st place

Isaac Ogle (Construction) 1st place

Garbage Truck
Scott Vaden (Construction) 2nd place

The second day was a more typical conference setting with technical sessions on solid waste, development and construction, beautification efforts, and other public works areas of interest. 

At the awards ceremony, Chad Weth received the Roger Clark Award for dedication and service to the TCAPWA, and Scott Jenkins received the Edward C. Archer Young Public Works Leader of the Year Award.   

Posted by ptravis On 15 November, 2022 at 4:26 PM