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Public Works Week: Rec Center Leaders Celebrate Seniors 
Recreation Specialists Lisa Wilson and Pamela Mitchell went above and beyond to make the seniors in their programs feel special during Older Americans Month.

They planned and executed 13 unique events, complete with themed meals, activities and prizes. 

The month began with “Hats off to Seniors” fashion show at Larry Cox Senior Center. 

Pam and Lisa

Hats off to Seniors

On May 19, the halls of South Knoxville Community Center warmed with the smell of garlic bread, just one part of an Italian-themed lunch.


About 40 seniors played BINGO. While Pamela drew and called the numbers, Lisa toasted the garlic bread loaves into the rec center’s ovens. 

Bingo players

Bingo winner

The finale of Older Americans Month will be a trip to The Cove for fishing and a picnic. 

Pamela Mitchell and Lisa Wilson, who recently was honored for her 45 years with the City of Knoxville, are prime examples of the City's Public Works employees, using their imagination, passion and dedication for the residents they serve. 

Posted by ptravis On 20 May, 2022 at 2:59 PM