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City and KAT: We're Hiring! 
Knoxville Area Transit, post-pandemic, is amping back up its services later this summer - and that means hiring a few dozen new bus operators and maintenance technicians. 

The City of Knoxville is also hiring - police officers, financial analysts, equipment operators, construction workers, office assistants, green-thumb horticulture workers, and more. 

Where do the City and KAT turn to find the best new hires? That's easy. They ask their current employees for referrals.

"Our employees are the best source for recruiting new employees," says City Human Resources Director Kelly Drummond. "Our best referrals come from our current employees."

To see a list of current City openings, visit knoxvilletn.gov/jobs.

Public Service: "We're looking for people who enjoy making a difference in their community."

The Public Service Department currently has more than 10 openings for entry-level positions. The jobs pay $12.26 an hour - a little less than some other entry-level private-sector jobs - but they come with perks and intangibles. (How many private-sector jobs offer 4 weeks paid vacation after 7 years, and a pension if you stay 10 years or longer?)

"There are promotional opportunities," Director Chad Weth says. "These are stable jobs with good benefits. But another real selling point is: We're looking for people who enjoy working outdoors - people who enjoy making a difference in their community."

At KAT, bus and trolley ridership were restricted by COVID-19 safety protocols. Additionally, route frequencies were temporarily reduced last year. KAT aims to fully restore services by the time K-12 and college classes start in a few months - and it's hiring and training new employees now.

KAT is hiring a few dozen bus operators and maintenance technicians this summer.

Did you know that KAT and the City will help new hires train for and earn their CDL (commercial driver's license)?

For more information about a career at KAT, visit katbus.com/jobs.
Posted by evreeland On 24 June, 2021 at 10:18 PM