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LED Streetlight Retrofit Project Underway 
The City’s project to replace all streetlights with LED technology is underway, with crews currently focused on neighborhoods located off Asheville Highway. 

In hilly, wooded landscapes like Holston Hills, street lights are camouflaged during the day. But by night, the absence of light due to a broken bulb or a weak beam is obvious and can present hazardous driving and walking conditions. 

Inglewood at Skyline

LED installer

Installer Justin replaces a high-pressure sodium bulb with an LED fixture on Inglewood Drive before joining the rest of the team of installers on Sunset Drive. The roads are narrow, and the trucks are large, so drivers appreciate residents’ patience as they work. Signs, pylons and flaggers will be on site at all installation locations to alert drivers as to the presence of workers. 

Siemens LED installation

Installation teams have been retrofitting approximately 30 fixtures a day, but will do up to 150 lights per day as activity ramps up in coming weeks. 

You can follow along as crews retrofit the nearly 30,000 streetlights within city limits. This map shows the city divided into zones. 

LED zones

Zoom in to see the location of all the streetlights and which ones that have been retrofitted (blue) and those that haven’t yet (yellow). 

LED map

Click on the light to get more information: its ID number, its location and status.  

LED light info

Additional information about the LED retrofit project is available at KnoxvilleTN.gov/LED
Posted by ptravis On 20 September, 2018 at 1:23 PM