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Local Company Creates Unique Obstacle Course at Open Streets 
AA-Air Co. is one of the 70-plus activity providers for Sunday's Open Streets event in South Knoxville.

For family fun at Open Streets in South Knoxville this Sunday afternoon, Oct. 29, don’t forget to drop by AA-Air Co.'s activity station. What you find might pleasantly surprise you.

At the intersection of Sevier Avenue and Island Home Avenue, you’ll discover a large and rather unique obstacle course, assembled by 10 or so AA-Air Co. team members. Children will be crawling through a flexible duct tunnel and navigating a maze of AC units and furnace boxes.

Team member Donna Kimble explained the course: “We generally have three or four volunteers operating the course, helping with timing and stickers. We time the children running the course and give them a sticker with their time on it. Many run the course more than once, trying to better their own time or be faster than their friends.”

AA-Air Co. is a strong supporter of Open Streets, having participated in two previous events. It's part of the company's commitment to "Service to Our Community," and Open Streets promotes healthy lifestyles for Knoxville families. Plus, Kimble says, everyone at AA-Air Co. enjoys getting out of the office and the service trucks to interact with the people of Knoxville.

“We love the way Open Streets has moved to different areas of our community and connected us in a different way to both potential and existing clients,” Kimble says.

So in case you've missed the buzz and you're wondering what exactly Open Streets is, here's the background.

Open Streets is something of a worldwide phenomenon. In cities large and small, Open Streets offers events designed to emphasize physical activity and wellness. It's a family-friendly exploration of urban corridors on foot - no motorized vehicles for a designated period of time.

In Knoxville, Bike Walk Knoxville has been hosting Open Streets events. The Oct. 29 event on the South Waterfront is the fifth Open Streets event here, but the first in South Knoxville. Previous Open Streets events have been held on Central Street, in Bearden and along Magnolia Avenue.

From 2-6 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 29, the Gay Street Bridge, Council Place and Sevier Avenue will be closed to motorized vehicles. Open Streets revelers will walk, bike, shop, eat and dance their way along the route, interacting with business owners, performers, food trucks and about 70 activity providers.

- Communications intern Celeste Lord

AA-Air Co. team members are building an elabirate obstacle course, using HVAC materials.

Lots of kid-friendly activities at Sunday's Open Streets event!

Posted by evreeland On 25 October, 2017 at 1:36 PM