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Tips for Sunday's Open Streets Event: Where to Park; Activity Lineup; KAT Goes There! 
Open Streets' first foray into South Knoxville is just a few days away. The business owners, nonprofit groups, dance troupes, bicycle clubs, outdoor recreation advocates and performers are offering unique activities. The neighborhood participants are excited. There's a buzz along the South Waterfront!

Open Streets' fifth Knoxville event is Sunday, Oct. 29.

Here's a primer for what you need to know:


From 2-6 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 29, the Gay Street Bridge, Council Place and Sevier Avenue will be closed to motorized vehicles. Open Streets revelers will walk, stroll, bike, skateboard, dance, juke, waltz, hula hoop, dog-walk, shop, eat and just plain sashay their way along the route.

But they'll also be socializing and interacting with their neighbors and South Waterfront business owners, playing games and getting some exercise, and seeing South Knoxville in a fresh new way.

Open Streets is a worldwide phenomenon. In cities large and small, Open Streets offers events designed to emphasize physical activity and wellness, exploration of urban corridors on foot, and, well, getting to know the neighbors a little bit better.

This is Bike Walk Knoxville's fifth Open Streets event, but the first in South Knoxville. Previous Open Streets events have been held on Central Street, in Bearden and along Magnolia Avenue.

Check out the great lineup of performers, food trucks and activities! Click HERE.


Free parking is available at the Dwight Kessel Garage or the City County Building Garages on the north side of the Gay Street Bridge. There's also an available parking lot located on the west side of Kerbela Temple off of Mimosa Avenue, and parking is available on various public side streets.

ADA parking will be located in the South Knoxville Baptist Church parking lot on Dawson Street, the smaller of the church's two parking lots.


You can get to Open Streets without even starting up the car engine. Bike to the South Waterfront - or to any Knoxville Area Transit bus stop. KAT buses have bicycle racks, so you and your bike can ride KAT from almost anywhere. 

KAT Goes There!

Catch a bus on any route and ride it to Knoxville Station downtown. From there, it's a short walk or bike ride to Open Streets' northernmost staring point on Hill Avenue.

Or hop on the Route 11 – Kingston Pike bus, and get off at Main Street. It's a one-block walk over to Open Streets.

Or take the Route 41 – Chapman Highway bus and get off at Mimosa Avenue, then go one block to Open Streets.

To plan your personalized trip to Open Streets, click HERE and use KAT's Trip Planner. It's easy. Just type in your starting point and your destination, and KAT will tailor a commute that works best for you.

And remember to stop by the KAT booth on Council Place during Open Streets. You'll get a FREE RIDE HOME pass!

Take KAT to Open Streets.

Posted by evreeland On 25 October, 2017 at 10:50 AM