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Garage Work Remains on Schedule; Installation of Big Pieces Continuing in Coming Weeks 
Installation of concrete slabs is continuing for a few more weeks.

Good news on the State Street Garage expansion: The project remains on schedule for completion in early June, and a few hundred additional parking spaces are expected to become available in mid-March as the construction moves to its next phase.

Over the coming two weeks, the 300-foot-tall yellow LR Liebherr 1300 crane deployed on State Street will continue hoisting big slabs of precast concrete to be installed on the west side of the garage. And then the big-piece installation will be done.

The $11 million project is adding two more decks and 570 new parking spaces at State Street Garage.

The new decks won’t open for three more months, as the construction work is finalized. The additional parking spaces that are becoming available in mid-March are existing parking spaces which now are out of commission due to the staging for the installation. Barriers will be coming down, and spaces on what had previously been the top levels of the garage will return back into use.

Meanwhile, State Street – the road itself – is expected to reopen by April 1. Once the crane is gone in mid- to late March, crews will remove the dirt and gravel used as padding. 

Work will continue on the State Street exit out of the garage, and once that concludes and State Street reopens, there will once again be two exits out of the garage (onto State and onto Union Avenue) and three entrances into the garage (from State, Union and Clinch Avenue). All the extrances, exits and elevators will be open and operational as the project nears its June completion.

This 300-foot-tall Austrian-made crane is capable of hoisting 96,000-pound loads, and it will remain deployed on State Street for several more weeks.
Posted by evreeland On 05 March, 2019 at 5:10 PM