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Displays at Garage Entrances Show Real-Time Available Parking Spaces 
Displays at the entrances to City garages tell motorists how many empty spaces are currently in the garage.

It's frustrating to pull into a parking garage and slowly climb to the top level in a caravan of cars, only to find that the garage is full and there's nowhere to park.

That shouldn't happen anymore to drivers parking in City-owned downtown garages.

A year ago, sensors that count available parking spaces in real time were installed in the Market Square Garage. The same space-counting system in recent weeks has been installed in the State Street, Locust Street and Main Street garages.

The technology allows a motorist approaching a garage to see a digital display showing the number of available parking spaces at that minute. So the driver will know whether to pull in, or whether to park in another location.

Posted by evreeland On 31 October, 2018 at 6:10 PM