Redevelopment of McClung Warehouse Sites

Chief of Urban Design and Development

Rebekah Jane Justice
[email protected]
(865) 215-2141

400 Main St., Room 655
Knoxville, TN 37902

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McClung Warehouse sites

McClung Warehouse Redevelopment Open House
Open HouseOn November 16, 2023, the City of Knoxville and Knoxville’s Community Development Corporation hosted a public input event at the Standard on West Jackson Avenue. The purpose of the event was to raise awareness of the redevelopment of the McClung Warehouse sites, and to gather input about what the community hopes to see in those spaces. Approximately 300 people participated in the feedback opportunities presented. Through meeting attendance and an online survey following the event, there were multiple methods for participation. This report serves to catalogue both the materials that were on display during the event and the online survey, and summarizes the collective feedback received.

Open House Summary Report 03/06/2024 [PDF] (23MB)

Past Present Future Inspiration Opportunities

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Timeline of Process & Milestones

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Timeline Next Steps


Parcels involved in this redevelopment are highlighted in orange below.

Map of parcels in the area
Click image for full map in PDF format



• Residents Weigh in on Future of McClung Redevelopment - 04/04/2024


• Open House: McClung Warehouse Redevelopment - 11/08/2023


• Continuing Environmental Cleanup of Former McClung Warehouse Sites [PDF] - 01/19/2019
• Final Report of Brownfield Cleanup Grant Implementation of Former McClung Warehouse Sites [PDF] - 09/16/2019


• Site Specific Quality Assurance Project Plan for Former McClung Warehouse Sites [PDF] - 02/06/2018
• Analysis of Brownfield Cleanup Alternatives for Former McClung Warehouse Sites [PDF] - 09/14/2018
• Report of Phase II Environmental Site Assessment of Former McClung Warehouse Sites [PDF] - 09/14/2018
• Moving Forward with Environmental Cleanup of Former McClung Warehouse Sites [PDF] - 10/29/2018


• EPA Cleanup Grant Info for Former McClung Warehouse Sites
• EPA Cleanup Grant Implementation Public Meeting Notice [PDF] - 06/01/2017
• EPA Cleanup Grant Implementation Meeting Presentation on McClung Warehouse Sites [PDF] - 06/01/2017
• Generic Quality Assurance Project Plan for McClung Warehouse Cleanup Grant [PDF] - 08/28/2017
• Archive Photos of 10-year Anniversary of the McClung Warehouse Fire by - 02/07/2017


• Revised Final Analysis of Brownfields Cleanup Alternatives for McClung Warehouse Sites [PDF] - 11/16/2015


• McClung Building to be Razed for Public Safety - 02/04/2014
• McClung Building at Risk of Collapse - 02/06/2014
• City Donating McClung Bricks to Knox Heritage - 02/14/2014
• Jackson Avenue Reopening After Feb. 1, 2014 McClung Warehouses Fire - 02/20/2014
• A Final Look Inside the McClung Warehouses by - 02/27/2014


• City Announces Agreement to Acquire McClung Warehouses - 07/09/2013


Fire at McClung Warehouses February 7, 2007

In the early morning hours of February 7, 2007 the old Philco Warehouses, also known as the McClung Warehouses, caught fire. Responding units reported what was described as a "firestorm," fiery embers and ash filling the air and endangering surrounding buildings, creating a fire hazard for blocks. Multiple companies responded to the two-alarm fire, battling the blaze that lasted for nearly seven hours. Several firefighters were injured during the fire and Ladder 3 was lost when a wall collapsed and crushed the apparatus.

• Firefighters Injured in McClung Warehouse Blaze Speak With Reporters - 02/13/2007

McClung Warehouse fireMcClung Warehouse fireMcClung Warehouse fire

Photo of McClung Warehouses before fires

McClung Warehouse fire