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Makenzie Read
Waste and Resources Coordinator


APRIL 23, 2020 - ONGOING

Have you been busy in your garden while stuck at home? Trying to practice social distancing and hesitant about visiting a big box store to purchase compost? Four community partners are hosting piles of manure that are free for residents. The manure is aged, so it doesn’t smell and is pathogen- and virus-free--plus it is great for helping your garden grow.

ceventsThe compost will be delivered to four drop sites within the city on Earth Day, Wednesday April 22nd.

Starting Thursday, April 23, vegetable gardeners are welcome to come and self-load what they need.

Limit ½ truckload per household; please bring your shovel.

Please load during weekday daylight hours and avoid weekends, if possible.

Donations to host non-profits are appreciated, but not required.

Locations are:

South Knoxville: 1015 England Dr.

North Knoxville: Beardsley Community Farm, 1741 Reynolds St,  http://www.beardsleyfarm.org/ 

East Knoxville: Knoxville Botanical Garden, 2649 Boyd's Bridge Pike,  http://knoxgarden.org/ 

East Knoxville: SEEED, 1617 Dandridge Ave, https://seeedknox.com/ 

For more information please call Chad Hellwinckel at 865-206-3864.