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Sergeant Rick Eastridge
[email protected]

The Safety Education Unit of the Knoxville Police Department is dedicated to fostering a police-community partnership by taking a leadership role in the development, management and delivery of innovative, progressive, and effective crime prevention programs. 


LifeSkills Training©

The Safety Education Unit introduced LifeSkills Training© to Knox County schools beginning with the 2007-08 school year. LifeSkills Training (LST) is offered to middle school students in the City of Knoxville. LST replaced Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) formerly taught to fifth grade students. The research-based program includes ATOD (alcohol, tobacco, and other drug) prevention and peer pressure resistance but the comprehensive curriculum also includes sessions on self-image and self-improvement, decision making, advertising, media violence, coping with anxiety and anger, conflict resolution, and so on. LST is interactive and the instructor is more a facilitator than a lecturer. The White House Office of Drug Policy, US Department of Education, American Medical Association, American Psychological Association, National Centers for Disease Control, and US Department of Justice's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention endorse LST for preventative excellence. 

National Night Out

KPD celebrates the nationwide National Night Out event on the first Tuesday of October to avoid hot weather and afternoon thundershowers. Neighbors gather, meet police officers, and make a statement that the community is organized to fight crime. Contact Neighborhood Watch Coordinator John Morgan at [email protected] for more information about the event in the Knoxville area.

Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch Programs are a critical component of community policing and are one of the most effective and least costly responses to crime. They encourage people to take ownership of their neighborhoods and empower them to reduce crime through partnerships with their neighbors and police. Contact Neighborhood Watch Coordinator John Morgan at [email protected] for more information.

Other Prevention and Safety Programs

Other Safety Education Unit programs include Personal Safety programs, Child Safety, NRA’s Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program for children, Residential and Business Security Surveys, Fraud and Identity Theft awareness, Senior Citizen Programs and Traffic Safety. 

The Boggle Your Mind with Goggles Project is directed toward teens and adults. It is an interactive demonstration explaining the effects of alcohol and impairment especially as they pertain to driving. Participants wear the "Fatal Vision" simulator goggles for a better understanding of alcohol's impairing effects in a variety of situations. 

The Boys & Girls Club Liaison Officer is assigned to the Boys & Girls Clubs in Knoxville. The officer serves as a mentor, coordinates sports and other activities, and is responsible for instructing teens on a variety of topics from abstinence to leadership. 

Volunteer Program

The Volunteer Program is intended to assist the department in the delivery of services to the community and in achieving departmental goals. This is accomplished by creating a partnership with citizen volunteers willing to assist the Knoxville Police Department in achieving the goals of the organization. The Volunteers In Police Services Unit has grown tremendously thanks to the dedicated and caring citizen volunteers who give of their time and effort to assist their police department and community. Volunteers assist in areas such as Volunteer Coordinator Assistant, Organized Crime Unit, Training Unit, Citizen Police Academy, Crime Analysis Unit, Safety Education Unit, Safety City, Major Crimes Unit, Property Crimes Unit, Criminalistics Unit, and many departmental and community activities. 

Safety CitySafety City 

Safety City is a community service project to educate second grade students in pedestrian, bicycle, passenger and fire safety, as well as how to use E-9-1-1 properly. It is sponsored by the entire community, including government, private businesses and industry, and civic organizations. Area businesses and organizations furnish different portions of the project with either monetary or in-kind services and materials.
Learn more about Safety City

Child Safety Seat Checkpoint

The Safety Education Unit provides several Occupant Protection Programs to the public. The Knoxville Police Department has personnel whom have completed the 32-hour Child Passenger Safety Technician Standardized Training. Child Safety Seat Checkpoints are held each month 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 917 E. 5th Avenue, Knoxville, TN 37919. For more information please contact Emily Tucker at 865-215-7103.
Learn more about the Child Safety Seat Checkpoints Schedule
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School Resource Officer (SRO) Program

The School Resource Officer (SRO) Program is a comprehensive research-based strategy to help deter and prevent school violence. The School Resource Officers are uniformed police officers assigned to seven area high schools and seven middle schools within the City of Knoxville to work in partnership with the school personnel and students on a daily basis to provide a safe learning environment. They also participate in the department's Youth Programs, Youth Councils and Youth Academy.
Learn more about the School Resource Officer Program 

CPTED Security Surveys

CPTED or “security surveys” are a free service the Knoxville Police Department provides for residential and commercial properties. At your request, a certified crime prevention practitioner will conduct an assessment and complete a formal written security survey.

Go Big! Knoxville Program

Go Big! Knoxville is a grant-funded program serving at-risk youth within the city of Knoxville. The Knoxville Police Department received the grant that sponsors this program in 2017, and thus the program began. The objective of this project is to decrease crime rates amongst at-risk youth and to help prepare Knoxville’s at-risk youth to succeed as adults. The Knoxville Police Department seeks to reach this goal through its partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of East Tennessee, a community based mentoring program.
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