Contact Information

Engineering Director

Thomas V. Clabo, P.E.
[email protected]
(865) 215-2148

400 Main St., Suite 475
P.O. Box 1631
Knoxville, TN 37901

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Engineering Department
City County Building, Suite 475 
P.O. Box 1631
Knoxville TN 37901
Fax: 865-215-2631

This webpage contains the most frequently used phone numbers for the Engineering Department and related agencies. See the Quick Reference List for the most commonly referenced telephone numbers of the overall Knoxville city government. 

Alley and street closures Knoxville-Knox County Planning 865-215-2500
Best Management Practices (BMP) Manual Stormwater Engineering 865-215-2148
Bridge maintenance and design Civil Engineering 865-215-6100
Conceptual plan or plat requirements MPC 865-215-2500
Construction inspections, grading & drainage Stormwater Engineering 865-215-2148
Construction inspections, structures & walls Development Services 865-215-2999
Driveway/entrance access permit: city streets Stormwater Engineering 865-215-2148
Driveway/entrance access permit: state routes TDOT 865-594-9101
Erosion and grading problems Stormwater Engineering 865-215-2148
Final plat (submittal & preparation) Knoxville-Knox County Planning 865-215-2500
Flooding and drainage problems Stormwater Engineering 865-215-2148
Floodplain information and delineation Stormwater Engineering 865-215-2148
Greenway design and construction issues Parks and Recreation 865-215-2090
Illegal dumping in creeks or streams Water Quality Hotline 865-215-4147
Illegal dumping into storm drainage pipes Water Quality Hotline 865-215-4147
Illegal dumping of solid waste (not in creeks) Office of Solid Waste 865-215-6700
Interstate highway construction & design TDOT 865-594-9101
Land Development Manual Stormwater Engineering 865-215-2148
Maps and records Technical Services Counter 865-215-2103
Obtaining a building permit Development Services 865-215-2999
Obtaining a site development permit Stormwater Engineering 865-215-2148
Overgrown grass within public right-of-way Public Service 865-215-6000
Parking meters on public streets (downtown) Transportation Engineering 865-215-6100
Potholes in public streets and roads Public Service 865-215-6000
Property records Knox County Deeds 865-215-2330
Right-of-Way Construction Permit Stormwater Engineering 865-215-2148
Road construction inspections Civil Engineering 865-215-6100
Sanitary sewer, overflow KUB, Water Quality Hotline or TDEC 865-524-2911
Sanitary sewer, service/maintenance/repair KUB (or other utility) 865-524-2911
Sidewalk maintenance and design Civil Engineering 865-215-6100
Sign and billboard permits Development Services 865-215-2999
Street Closures Technical Services Counter 865-215-2103
Street cut permits Stormwater Engineering 865-215-2148
Streetlighting, maintenance / repair Transportation Engineering 865-524-6100
Streetlighting, planning / design Transportation Engineering 865-215-6100
Street or roadway design issues Civil Engineering 865-215-6100
Streetsweeping (also brush & leaf collection) Public Service 865-215-6000
Survey control monuments & reference points Civil Engineering 865-215-6100
TDEC Water Pollution Control 865-694-6035 or 1-888-891-8332
Temporary traffic control permit Civil Engineering 865-215-6100
Traffic markings, maintenance/repair Transportation Sign Shop 865-215-6720
Traffic signals, maintenance/repair Transportation Sign Shop 865-215-6730
Traffic signs, maintenance/repair Transportation Sign Shop 865-215-6720
Traffic volumes and turn lane questions Transportation Engineering 865-215-6100
Water Quality Hotline 865-215-4147
Water quality in Knoxville creeks & streams Stormwater Engineering 865-215-2148
Zoning or rezoning issues Knoxville-Knox County Planning 865-215-2500