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DEMOLITION DELAY Demolition Delay for Structures Listed or Eligible for Listing on the Historic Structures Inventory.

220 Adair Drive [PDF]
741 N. Broadway [PDF]
When the Department receives an application for a demolition permit for a structure which is listed or is eligible for listing on the Historic Structures Inventory, either individually or as a contributing historic structure, but is not within a local historic overlay district (H-1) or neighborhood conservation overlay district (NC-1), the Department shall not issue a demolition permit for the structure until the Historic Preservation Planner of the Knoxville-Knox County Metropolitan Planning Commission reviews the demolition permit application. Structures determined to be of local historic significance may be added to the Historic Structures Inventory by the Historic Preservation Planner. For structures to be added to the Historic Structures Inventory, the property owner shall be notified of the determination in writing via the U. S. Postal Service, to be delivered to the property owner's address as listed by the Knox County Property Assessor. The Historic Preservation Planner must provide a written determination of the property's historic status to the Building Official within seven (7) calendar days of submission of a completed permit application. The Building Official shall provide written notification to the applicant that a 60-day delay will be imposed or issue the demolition permit within three (3) days of receipt of the Planner's determination. The Building Official shall issue, if still requested, the demolition permit within sixty (60) days of submission of a completed permit application, unless a longer period is agreed upon by the applicant and the Building Official. Demolition Delay Not Applicable to Unsafe Buildings.

If the Building Official has declared a building, structure, or system as unsafe, as defined in Section 104.8 of the Building Code, the demolition delay shall not be required. Intent of Demolition Delay.

The demolition delay required is intended to mitigate planned demolition with documentation, salvage, dismantling of historic structures for educational purposes, relocation, or other appropriate measures. The Building Official is required to approve the demolition within sixty (60) days of the permit application, unless a longer period is agreed upon by the applicant and the Building Official. The demolition delay is not intended to eliminate a property owner's right to demolish the structure.