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PLANS SUBMISSION STANDARDS - COMMERCIAL (including multi-family dwellings)

1.) All drawings must be submitted in Adobe PDF file format.

2.) PDF files must be electronically created and searchable. PDF files cannot be created by scanning or using free PDF print software. *

3.) All drawing files must be a single sheet/page.

4.) The design professional's seal and signature must be on each drawing file.

5.) An index of drawing names and file names must be included as one of the files.

6.) Each set of drawings should include a Coversheet. Each coversheet must have a minimum of:
-  The Code Standards used in the design
-  Occupancy Class
-  Anticipated use (where applicable)
-  Construction Type
-  Building Area and Height Compliance
-  Occupancy Loading
-  Exit Information (exit width, number of exits)
-  Parking Calculations (where applicable)
-  Dwelling Unit schedule (residential Construction)

7.) Schedules and specifications can be submitted as multiple page document files.

8.) The lower right hand corner must be left blank on each drawing file for the placement of the City's approval seal.

9.) When a drawing file is resubmitted it must have the exact same name as the original.

10.) Any documents required by the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) must be submitted by the applicant prior to plan approval.

* Please consult with the manufacturer of your software used to create your drawing files to advise you if your software supports a searchable PDF file or for a recommendation of an additional software package to purchase. Our research indicates most CAD packages support this feature and if not, the cost is minimal to purchase create PDF software. For example, Adobe 9 Pro software.