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City of Knoxville
State of the City Address
Virtual Program

City of Knoxville Seal

Mayor Indya Kincannon

Wednesday, April 26, 2023
Western Heights & Beaumont Communities


Master of Ceremonies Vice Mayor Andrew Roberto
Invocation Reverend Jimmy Sherrod
Central United Methodist Church
Presentation of the Colors Knoxville Police Department
Pledge of Allegiance Beaumont Magnet Academy
National Anthem Appalachian Equality Chorus
Poetry Reading Poet Laureate Rhea Carmon
State of the City Address Mayor Indya Kincannon
Benediction Reverend Sanford Miller
New Salem Baptist Church

Sign Language Interpretation provided by the Knoxville Center of the Deaf

Special Thanks To

 Knoxville's Community Development Corporation
Brinshore Development
Pinnacle Financial Partners 
Beaumont Magnet Academy
Appalachian Equality Chorus
Ham’n Goodys Catering
All Occasion Party Rentals
Eddie Speaks, Stellar Vision and Sound
Stanley’s Greenhouse

City Council Members

Vice Mayor Andrew Roberto/District 2
Tommy Smith / District 1
Seema Singh / District 3
Lauren Rider / District 4
Charles Thomas / District 5 
Gwen McKenzie / District 6
Lynne Fugate / At-Large Seat A
Janet Testerman / At-Large Seat B
Amelia Parker / At-Large Seat C

Creating Space

Poem by Rhea Carmon, Knoxville Poet Laureate

Between people
Between breaths
To learn yourself
To be free
For tears and sadness
For creativity and joy
For community and family
We gather in these spaces crafted by those willing to
Inspire our emotions and provide vision for our next phase
We find places to commune
In buildings crafted for our congregating
Or parks maintained for our recreation
There is constant creation happening to open our hearts and minds
To receive the gift of togetherness
With precision and dedication we are building
Crafting our story of exceptional truth
Recognizing the need for each others' talents and contributions
And watching in anticipation of each success
Each moment of achievement a new stepping stone in the right direction
Throwing open the doors to welcome change and growth
Understanding and acceptance
This space is one that we share
Without barriers we teach one another the beauty in our difference
From festivals filling out streets with the diversity to make us see
The power in appreciating one another
To garden spaces, beer markets, parks and book stores
We rise from the Bottom to the Sunsphere
Across the lakes and rivers
Honoring each other for the willingness to
Share passion and creativity
Culture and Adventure
We have a long way to travel but together we can
Make space to walk side by side
Provide a glimpse of the future for our youth
Be catalyst for change in a world that needs to see our ability
To be open and honest
We honor each other for dedication and love to the cause
Of making our city great
Creating space for dreams to become reality
In this city, the Makers City, Knoxville.


KCDC Brinshore Pinnacle Financial Partners