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We now offer online citizen's access to services for permit applications, inspections, licensing, plans review and more!
New Permitting System
Questions or need help? Call 865-215-3669 or email [email protected]

Whenever you start a construction or remodeling project, a building permit is required to ensure your project complies with the adopted codes and ordinances. The inspection requirements will vary depending on your project and can include anything - verification of proper building placement, checking framing installation, ensuring accessibility is maintained, testing fire protection equipment or even documenting tree protection. The process of obtaining and completing the requirements associated with the permit helps ensure the safety of everyone involved both during and after construction.

The Plans Review and Inspections office is responsible for the coordinating the review, permitting, and inspection of all construction projects within the City of Knoxville. The development process can require input from multiple entities and groups, beyond just the City of Knoxville, to complete a construction project. Most projects will involve Building Plans Review/Inspections, Zoning Review, Engineering & Stormwater Review/Inspections, Mechanical Review/Inspections, Electrical Review/Inspections and Plumbing Review/Inspections. Depending on the project and its location, involvement may be required by Knoxville-Knox County Planning, Utilities (KUB or LCUB), and the Fire Inspections office.

Permitting work, inspections, contacts, and current codes

Questions or need help? Call 865-215-3669 or email [email protected].