BMP Manual - Section 3

Engineering Director

W. Harold Cannon, Jr., P.E.
[email protected]
(865) 215-2148

400 Main St., Suite 475
P.O. Box 1631
Knoxville, TN 37901

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Section 3 - BMPs for Erosion and Sediment

These BMPs focus on erosion prevention and sediment control.  

File name Title Revised 
ES-01 [PDF] Stabilized Construction Entrance 08/02
ES-02 [PDF] Tire Washrack 05/03
ES-03 [PDF] Construction Road Stabilization 05/03
ES-04 [PDF] Gradient Terraces 05/03
ES-05 [PDF] Surface Roughening 01/01
ES-06 [PDF] Topsoil 01/01
ES-07 [PDF] Mulch 01/01
ES-08 [PDF] Seeding 01/01
ES-09 [PDF] Sodding 01/01
ES-10 [PDF] Trees, Shrubs and Vines 01/01
ES-10 TAB [PDF] Table - Tree Species Suggested for Planting 01/01
ES-11 [PDF] Erosion Control Matting 01/01
ES-12 [PDF] Geotextiles 01/01
ES-13 [PDF] Check Dams 05/03
ES-14 [PDF] Silt Fence 05/11
ES-15 [PDF] Straw Bale Barrier 05/03
ES-16 [PDF] Sandbag Barrier 01/01
ES-17 [PDF] Brush or Rock Filter Berm 01/01
ES-18 [PDF] Temporary Sediment Trap 05/03
ES-19 [PDF] Sediment Basin 01/01
ES-20 [PDF] Bank Stabilization and Soil Bioengineering 05/03
ES-21 [PDF] Diversions and Swales 01/01
ES-22 [PDF] Channel Linings 05/03
ES-23 [PDF] Riprap 05/03
ES-24 [PDF] Temporary Inlet Protection 10/09
ES-25 [PDF] Outlet Protection 05/03
ES-26 [PDF] Level Spreader 01/01
ES-27 [PDF] Floating Sediment Curtain 05/03
ES-28 [PDF] Gabions 05/03
ES-29 [PDF] TDOT Standard Details for Erosion Control 07/03
ES-30 [PDF] TDEC Erosion and Sediment Control BMPs 05/03