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City Randomly Picks 30 Employees for $1,000 Prizes for Voluntary COVID-19 Vaccinations 
More than 63 percent of City employees have voluntarily been vaccinated for COVID-19 -- and today, Mayor Indya Kincannon expressed her appreciation to those who are doing their part to keep their co-workers, families, friends and City customers safe.

This afternoon, the City conducted a random drawing of names of 30 COVID-19 vaccinated City employees who will each receive a $1,000 prize.

The City of Knoxville prides itself on being a responsible employer. The City has spent more than $1.3 million since March 2020 for COVID-19 protections to safeguard its employees and the people it serves – buying PPE and N-95 respirators, and making front counter and work space adaptations.

Last year alone, more than $700,000 in performance bonuses were paid out to first responders, and the City this year has provided $100 bonuses as incentives to every vaccinated City employee who has provided a copy of their vaccination record card and completed their $100 bonus form.

On Tuesday, Mayor Kincannon is asking City Council to support her proposal for $2.58 million in “hero pay” to front-line City employees – premium pay that supports retention of police officers, firefighters and general government employees with direct exposure risk during the pandemic.

Monday's sweepstakes-style incentive drawing for $1,000 prizes to 30 randomly-selected employees was another effort to encourage voluntary vaccination.

The winners include 10 police officers, seven Public Service Department employees, 
four firefighters and three Engineering Department employees.

"Thank you again to everyone who is doing their part to keep us safe and to slow the spread of this deadly virus," Mayor Kincannon said in an email to all City employees.
Posted by evreeland On 18 October, 2021 at 4:31 PM