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Maker Profile: Saray Taylor-Roman, Taylor-Roman Portrait 
Saray Taylor-Roman, the owner of  Taylor-Roman Portrait, has been getting her work has been recognized nationally through photography awards and part of the Maker City movement in Knoxville.

Taylor-Roman began her love with photography as a teenager, but didn’t return to the medium seriously for two decades. Like many makers, she was looking for a career that provided greater personal fulfillment and found a point in life to pursue her dreams.


She was recently named a Fellow as a Master Photographer. This recognition from The Portrait Masters places her as one in three worldwide and one of two in the U.S. to receive this honor.

Taylor-Roman said of this recognition, “While a fabulous accomplishment, I believe it to be a collective achievement. 80% of my merited work to reach this status was made together in collaboration with my beautiful East Tennessean clients who have become friends along the way. I am so blessed and so happy to have landed in such a supportive community. One that has allowed me to pursue my passion to blossom into my true identity as an artist.”


Mayor Madeline Rogero recognized Taylor-Roman and her work at the 2019 Maker Summit on Sept. 8 at the Mill and Mine. While Taylor-Roman was unable to attend this year’s Maker Summit because of a national portrait conference happening at the same time, her husband, Daniel and young daughter, Sophia, were able to attend in her place and hear her work celebrated.
Posted by fmcanally On 11 September, 2019 at 10:46 AM