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Extended Tilson Street to Connect New Park to Baker Creek Preserve, South-Doyle, Neighborhoods 
With the warm fall weather, work has been progressing nicely as crews continue to build the infrastructure for the new $10 million Urban Wilderness Gateway Park.

Pictured here is the tie-in of the realigned Tilson Street, which connects the new park to Baker Creek Preserve, South-Doyle Middle School and the surrounding neighborhoods. Tilson, which had dead-ended at Decatur Drive, is being extended by a quarter-mile - past Eakers Road - to the center of the new park at Sevierville Pike.
Here is a recent photo showing the tie-in of the realigned Tilson Street.

Charles Blalock and Sons Construction crews have laid two layers for the new road, as well as new greenways in the park. First, they put down a layer of base stone, and then a coarse asphalt layer was laid. Later this month, the third layer, a finer mix of asphalt, will be laid to create a smooth riding surface for the new road.

Note this next photo: As construction crews unearthed human-sized or larger boulders, they carefully put them aside. They are being put to good use.

These boulders, unearthed during construction, will be repurposed in the park, becoming part of additional mountain-biking features.

These rocks will be repurposed in the park, becoming part of additional mountain-biking features that will tie together the Baker Creek Bike Park, which opened last summer, and the Gateway Park. The aim is to add even more skill-building opportunities and options for fun for bike riders of all ages and skill levels.
Posted by evreeland On 16 November, 2020 at 9:30 AM