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Week 52: Foundation Wall Going Up 
This week, more new foundation wall is taking shape where a new City Court courtroom will be built.

Al Blankenship Enterprises formed this section of wall and poured concrete (below). The work crews formed concrete piers, tied reinforcing steel and then inspected the reinforcing steel - just to make sure everything was snugly in place exactly as planned.

New foundation wall, formed by Al Blankenship Enterprises

Blankenship then installed anchor bolts in the concrete piers.

Blankenship's anchor bolts in the concrete piers

By now, roughly a year into the job of transforming the vacated St. Mary's Hospital campus into a City Public Safety Complex, you can make out what the new complex housing Police, Fire, Pension System and backup E-911 operations will look like.

The Professional Office Building, Central Wing Annex and Women's Pavilion are being repurposed. Lincoln Memorial University is offering nursing classes in the Magdalen Clarke Tower, and the stately and stalwart 1929 Building is once again free-standing and unobscured. It will anchor future private redevelopment on the northern end of the campus.

However, until the foundation began to take shape, it was hard to envision where the City Court offices and courtroom would be located. A new court building will extend northward from the Professional Office Building and Central Wing Annex, a squarish building with a small parking lot amidst a large field of green space. 

Meanwhile, contractor crews are doing many other tasks on the site this week.

Renascent workers are completing the processing of the durable construction debris. It's a step toward removing a large pile of crushed rubble from the site.

Messer Construction is continuing to install temporary exterior partitions on the 1929 Building.

Adding temporary partitions to the 1929 Building

Finally, here's a photo from last week of Renascent completing the final cuttings to separate the 1929 Building, which is being preserved, from the remnants of obsolete add-on hospital wings that were demolished last year....

Renascent crews completed the final separation of the 1929 Building from the remnants of razed add-on connecting wings.

... And here is another look at the new Central Wing Annex foundation wall going up:

Central Wing Annex Foundation wall

Posted by evreeland On 19 February, 2021 at 10:19 AM