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Statement on Enforcement of Mayor Kincannon’s Executive Order  
Mayor Kincannon’s Executive Order, in support of the Knox County Health Department’s Safer at Home Order, directs and authorizes the KPD and other City regulatory authorities to take immediate action in collaboration with KCHD to enforce the mandates of the Order by seeking compliance or issuing citations if necessary within the City of Knoxville. The hope remains that businesses and citizens will be responsible, do the right thing and comply, and that citations are not necessary. 
The Parks and Recreation Department will respond to complaints at those facilities routed through 311 regarding breaches of the Order, inform those present that they are in violation and need to leave. A KPD officer would be requested through dispatch if they encounter any friction in that interaction. 
Codes Enforcement and KFD will provide the primary response for businesses not following the Order, and both of those entities have the ability to issue a city citation, though that again is not the preferred outcome. 
If non-compliance continues and it becomes necessary, anyone violating any restriction covered in the Order could be issued a citation pursuant to City Code Section 9-3. That carries a fine of $50 plus court costs and can be issued for each day a violation exists.

The Order does not invoke a curfew in the City of Knoxville, nor do citizens need any official documentation to be out in public. The Order urges residents of Knoxville to stay home as much as possible and to practice social distancing when leaving their homes or places of residence. Citizens should stay at least six feet apart and assume others are infectious regardless of if they exhibit symptoms. 
Posted by serland On 01 April, 2020 at 12:54 PM