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Checking in on Summer in the City 2023 interns  
This year’s Summer in the City interns are halfway through their program and digging deep into their work with City departments. They're also getting out into the community. 

A handful of interns join Special Events on Wednesdays at Kid A'Riffic Fun in the Park to help give away beach balls and other goodies. 

SITC interns at Fountain City Park

During FridayConnect, the interns meet to perform community service activities or work on group projects. Recently they completed a program called Skillcrafters, which was developed by the Institute for Advanced Composite Manufacturing (IACMI).

Teams were challenged to develop a product that solves a problem or helps a group of people with a common challenge. That product must use at least two composites. Teams developed a simple business plan and pitched the product to a panel of judges, which including a representative from IACMI.

Summer in the City Skillcrafters

They finished the product development and presentations at Muse Knoxville, and presented to a panel of judges including representatives from Muse and IACMI. Congratulations to the winning team! 

Summer in the City Skillcrafters

Also, on Juneteenth (June 19, 2023), several interns participated in the Juneteenth Parade organized by the MLK Commemorative Commission of Knoxville. Rain only dampened their physical bodies – not their spirits! 

Summer in the City Juneteenth parade

We're excited to see how else these interns learn and grow over the next month. Make plans to attend their final presentation on Thursday, July 27, at 12 p.m. at the Public Works Service Center. 

Posted by ptravis On 28 June, 2023 at 3:39 PM