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National Night Out Connects Neighbors, Public Safety Officials 
This year's local celebration of National Night Out shifted to the first Tuesday in August to align with the date that most U.S. communities mark the importance of neighbors collaborating with public safety officials for safer neighborhoods. 

Neighbors of all ages, as well as elected officials, City staff members and representatives of the Knoxville Fire Department and Knoxville Police Department attended NNO events in Timbercrest, West Hills and Old North on Tuesday, Aug. 2, gathering around pools and playgrounds to play and chat. 


KFD brought an engine to display... 

National Night Out

...and an engine to spray. 

National Night Out

A West Hills neighbor speaks with Mayor Kincannon, Charles F. Lomax, Jr. and Chief Paul Noel. 

KPD C. Reagan

KPD Animal Control Officer Claudia Reagan visits neighbors in the Timbercrest neighborhood. 

KPD officers

Officers Shelley Clemons and Anita Watson on pool party patrol. 

See additional photos by City of Knoxville photographer Traci McDonell in this Facebook gallery.  

Posted by ptravis On 18 August, 2022 at 9:56 PM