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With Free Hand-Crafted Wands and More, Public Service Workers Add Magic to BOO! at the Zoo 
Public Service Ghostbusters

Handcrafted wooden wands and photos with the Ghostbusters may sound like things you’d walk away with from a theme park after dropping some pretty decent cash, but kids are getting these treats for free at Zoo Knoxville’s BOO! at the Zoo event, thanks to  help from the Public Service Department.

Handing off of the wand

Public Service workers volunteer at the event, where visitors get the opportunity to explore the grounds by night outside of normal operating hours. Families experience the spooky atmosphere enhanced by sounds, volunteers dressed up as various characters, fog machines, strobe lights, a “Monster Mash” dance party, a carousel spinning in reverse, and—of course—lots of candy!

Knoxville-area vendors dole out candy to trick-or-treaters, as Halloween decorations, lights, and music envelop the zoo’s walking trails.

Public Service staff have stepped it up this year to add to the magic. The department is hosting two themed displays: Ghostbusters and Harry Potter. Public Service employee volunteers dressed as characters from the two popular series and posed for pictures with trick-or-treaters.

For the Ghostbusters display, staff have been dressing in tan jumpsuits and standing beneath a huge, inflatable “Stay Puft Marshmallow Man,” which makes for fun photos.

Wolf waiting for her wand
A wolf waits for her wand.

Over at the Harry Potter display, employees have been dressed as wizards in long robes and giving out wooden “magical wizard wands” that are lathed on site. Kids watch in wonder as their hand-crafted wands are made before their very eyes.

It’s a great way for Public Service employees to celebrate Halloween fun with the community while also showcasing some maker skills, teaching kids how things are made.

There’s even a large Public Service Department tractor on display, decorated with spider webs and strobe lights, as well as a spooky photo booth for fun family pics.

Tractor Riding

There’s still one night left to join in the fun! Sunday, October 28 is the last day of the event series for 2018. Hours for the event are 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.  Admission on Sunday is $9 for ages 4 and up with free parking.

The attendance for BOO! at the Zoo grows each year with over 50,000 visitors are expected for 2018. Visit www.ZooKnoxville.org to buy tickets in advance. 
Posted by On 28 October, 2018 at 9:57 AM