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City Fleet Receives Highest 'Green Fleet' Designation in Tennessee for 2018 
Green Fleet Award

The Fleet Services Department’s zero-turn mowing fleet recently received a two-star Tennessee Green Fleet designation from Tennessee Clean Fuels for converting half of the City’s mowers to propane use. Each year, the state agency evaluates fleets across the state based on its petroleum use and emissions reductions. Knoxville was the only fleet this year in Tennessee to achieve a two-star status.

With the City’s fleet also using Electric Vehicle (EV) cars and a truck powered by locally produced compressed natural gas (CNG), Knoxville’s fleet is rolling forward on the frontier of sustainable transportation. The results are reduced emissions and expenses for City operations.

“Because green technology runs so clean, these new vehicles have significantly reduced maintenance time,” said Nick Bradshaw, Deputy Director of Fleet Services.

The City’s Fleet Services Department also recently executed a renewable diesel test in 2017. Pleased with the results, they hope to pursue a future with the renewable, non-petroleum fuel, which would significantly reduce the City’s carbon footprint.

Even the City’s light shop, which services police cars, service pickup trucks, and transport vans, is heated by a furnace that can operate off of used oil from the vehicles. Fleet Services recently received a grant that will allow them to soon link that heater to the heavy shop, which services larger vehicles like boom trucks, fire trucks, and snow plows.

So, from the maintenance shops to driving out on the road, Fleet Services is gradually improving its environmental impact while also reducing time and costs for City operations.

“Our job is to provide vehicles that are fiscally responsible while effectively supporting City services,” said Keith Shields, Director of Fleet Services. “Green vehicles are proving to be the best way to achieve that.”

Here’s a quick profile of the City’s cost-saving, clean-burning vehicles:


Propane Mower

Fleet Presence: 18 mowers (half of the City’s mowers)
Make and Model: Kubota OEM and Ferris mowers
Time used in Knoxville’s fleet: Phased in since 2015
Fuel Source: Local vendor
CO2 Reduction: 8.5 tons/year
More Info: City Blog: “45% of the City’s Mowers Now Use Clean Energy”


City CNG Truck

Fleet Presence: 1
Make and Model: 2017 Dodge Ram 2500 CNG
Time used in Knoxville’s fleet: Since 2017
Fuel Used: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) with a diesel backup tank
Fuel Source: Knoxville Utilities Board’s CNG Fueling Station on Third Creek Road
CO2 Reduction: 40% emissions reduction on average
More Info: City Blog: “KUB Celebrates Opening of 1st CNG Fueling Station”


Nissan LEAF

Fleet Presence: 2
Make and Model: 2019 Nissan LEAF
Time used in Knoxville’s fleet: Rolling out in 2018/19 fiscal year
Fuel Used: 100% electric (zero direct emissions)
Fuel Source: City charging stations, though it can charge on common electric outlets
CO2 Reduction: Estimated 4,620 pounds in vehicle’s life

Posted by On 26 October, 2018 at 2:17 PM