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Start with the CartMakenzie Read 
Public Service Coordinator

**The City is Modernizing its Residential Garbage Pick-Up Services**

We understand there will be a transition to the new system and are working with the hauling contractor as well as the residents to ensure garbage is picked up. Until you receive your cart place your garbage at the curb as you have always done.

Residents who cannot find a way to reuse their old trash cans nor know of anyone else who could reuse their old trash cans may place them empty beside their new City of Knoxville issued trash cart on their day of trash collection beginning the first FULL week in February (starting February 6th). If by chance your old cans are not picked up on your trash day continue setting them out by the new cart throughout February on your trash pickup day. Thank you for your patience as we transition into a more modern trash collection system! 

Visit our Curbside Garbage page for complete details. Click here for frequently asked questions or check out the Cart Smart Blog. 

City Garbage and Recycling Collection on Holidays

Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day are the only 2 holidays that Waste Connections does not make collections on. If your collection day falls on either of these 2 holidays then your collection will resume the following day. Each day after, for that week, collections will be one day behind schedule. For example, if the holiday falls on Monday the collection for Monday will take place on Tuesday. Tuesday's materials will be picked up on Wednesday and so on through Saturday.

Downtown trash and recycling will not be collected on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.  

The City drop-off recycling centers are open 24/7 every day of the year.  

Please visit the links at the top of the page to learn more about garbage related services in Knoxville.