Workshop Hand-outs and Presentations 2017


Madeline Rogero
(865) 215-2040

400 Main St., Room 691
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Here -- in PDF format -- are the hand-outs and Power Point presentations for the 2017 Neighborhood Conference. These files are organized by session number and name. These are all of the presentations and hand-outs provided by the speakers to the Office of Neighborhoods.

A-3 How to Save on Your Utility Bill
KUB Meters
Tips for Reducing Your Utility Bill

A-4 Creative Placemaking
Creative Placemaking (Gerry Moll)

A-5 Engaging Neighbors to Build Your Neighborhood Organization
Island Home Park Presentation
Recruiting and Retaining Members Handout

A-6 Youth Recreation Opportunities
Boy Scouts of America Handout

A-7 HOA Legal Issues
Attorney Wayne Kline Presentation 1
Attorney Wayne Kline Presentation 2

A-8 Pets, Wildlife and Nuisance Animals
Humane Society

A-10 Understanding the City Budget
Presentation by City Finance Director Jim York

A-11 Zoning and Why You Should Care
Presentation by MPC Executive Director Gerald Green

B-4 Fight the Blight
City Solutions for Solving Blight Issues (Cheri Hollifield)
Marble City Neighborhood Presentation

B-8 Fighting Crime in Your Neighborhood
Nuisance Injunctions (Sean McDermott, Asst. Attorney General)

B-9 Neighborhood Walkability
Greenway Corridor Feasibility and Assessment

B-10 Funding Resources for Neighborhood Groups
Holston Hills Hand-out
Tips on Writing Successful Grant Applications (Grants Consultant Mary Linda Schwarzbart)
Holton Hills Presentation

B-11 Creative Event Making
Edgewood Park Events Check List
Event Check List
North Hills - Home Tour Hand-out
North Hills - Home Tour Brochure
RiverHill Gateway Event Planning
Timbercrest Neighborhood Events