Save Our Sons in the Media

Community Relations Director

Avice Reid
(865) 215-2536

400 Main St., Room 691
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Kevin A. Perry
Community Outreach Manager

Tatia M. Harris
Grant Manager/Title VI Coordinator


Save Our Sons Hosts Job Fair on Sunday (05/27/18

Save Our Sons, Change Center to Host Job Fair on Sunday (05/21/18 WVLT.TV)

Save Our Sons aims to build relationships between Knoxville police, young men (03/31/18 WATE.COM)

Police, young black men bond at Save Our Sons empowerment workshop (03/31/18 WBIR.COM)

KPD aims to change how young black men view law enforcement officers (03/31/18 WVLT.TV)


Knoxville’s Save Our Sons Program Continues Efforts to Stop the Violence (01/27/17 WATE.COM)

Hundreds Gather for 2nd Annual Zaevion Dobson Memorial Skate Party (03/07/17 WATE.COM) 

Big Brothers Big Sisters, Save Our Sons Partner to Recruit More Volunteers (04/25/17 WATE.COM)  

City to Host Save Our Sons Job Fair at Austin-East (05/23/17 KNOXNEWS.COM)  

Save Our Sons Summit Aims to Inspire (06/30/17 KNOXNEWS.COM)

Save Our Sons Educates, Inspires at Sons Summit II (06/30/17 WBIR.COM)

Knoxvilles' Save Our Sons Initiative to Host Job Fair (10/10/17 WATE.COM)


Fulton HS to Offer Scholarship in Dobson's Honor (01/13/16 WBIR.COM)

Austin-East Students shadow City Workers (02/02/16

Non-Profits Helping Knoxville’s At-Risk Youth (02/04/16 WATE.COM)

Austin-East Students Tour ORNL (03/02/16 KNOXNEWS.COM)

City of Knoxville Partners with ORNL to Show Students Possible Future Job Opportunities (03/02/16 WATE.COM)

Stop the Violence Panel Discusses Education (04/07/16 WBIR.COM)

New community center coming to Knoxville (04/20/16 WBIR.COM)

City Announces New East Knoxville Community Center (04/20/16 WATE.COM)

Pastor, Chief Rausch: Change Center Will Save Young Lives From Violence (04/20/16 WBIR.COM)

New Change Center Could Help Curb Violence (04/20/16 WBIR.COM)

Youth Leader Davante Mack Hopes Change Center Will Help Community (04/20/16 WBIR.COM)

KPD and Church Pastor Say Knoxville Can't Wait For Change (04/20/16 WBIR.COM)

Change Center Will Be A Safe Place For Teens To Gather (04/21/16 WBIR.COM)

Job fair Friday in Knoxville for low-income youth (08/11/16 WATE.COM) 

Mobile career fair brings Knoxville job market to Lonsdale (08/12/16 KNOXNEWS.COM)

Save Our Sons initiative hosts Mobile Career Coach (10-28-16


Rogero to Seek Insight for ‘Save Our Sons' at Philly Conference (04/29/15 KNOXNEWS.COM)

Sons Summit Hosts Gathering of Minority Teens in Knoxville Area (06/08/15 WATE.COM)

Save Our Sons Summit Seeks to Offer Youths a Better Way (06/13/15 KNOXNEWS.COM)

KPD Partners with Community for Back to School Family Night (08/02/15 WATE.COM)

Free Back to School Event at Chuck E. Cheese in Knoxville (08/04/15 LOCAL8NOW.COM)


Knoxville Host 'Save Our Sons' Summit (11/21/14 WBIR.COM)

Knoxville Summit Addresses Inner-City Crime (11/21/14 KNOXNEWS.COM)