Land Development Manual

Engineering Director

James R. Hagerman, P.E.
(865) 215-2148

400 Main St., Suite 475
P.O. Box 1631
Knoxville, TN 37901

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Note 1: The Land Development Manual (LDM) is intended to assist interested parties (developers, engineers, property owners, city personnel) with procedures for land development within the City of Knoxville. The LDM focuses primarily on the role of the Engineering Department with regards to plan and plat requirements, review process, inspections, etc. Land development is also regulated by the Metropolitan Planning Commission (MPC) and the City of Knoxville Plans Review & Inspections Division; see Chapter 2 for a more complete discussion.

Note 2: Most users are encouraged to use this website to obtain the entire LDM or particular portions that they may be interested in. The various portions of the Land Development Manual are in Adobe Acrobat [PDF] format.

Note 3: Please contact the Engineering Department, Room 480 in the City County Building, with written comments or suggestions. Be specific concerning the page number and location. Comments may also be e-mailed to

Note 4: The entire Land Development Manual can be downloaded as a single PDF file with bookmarks to easily navigate document. If bookmarks are not visible in the PDF file, then choose menu item "Show Bookmarks". It is highly recommended that a user have a cable connection for the document to successfully download.

Entire Land Development Manual
File: Knoxville LDM Manual [PDF]
Size: 10,967 kb; 376 pages
Last Update: August 2019

Main Text of Land Development Manual

File name Rev. Date Title
LDM SPINE [PDF] 06/03 Label to insert into spine for a 3" binder
LDM COVER [PDF] 02/02 Cover page to insert into a binder
LDM TITLE [PDF] 04/07 Title Page
LDM REV [PDF] 08/19 Revisions Page
LDM TOC [PDF] 07/19
Table of Contents
LDM LIST [PDF] 07/19
List of Figures and Tables
LDM ABBR [PDF] 07/19
List of Abbreviations and Acronyms
LDM CH 01 [PDF] 06/03 Chapter 1 – Introduction
LDM CH 02 [PDF] 05/04 Chapter 2 – Plan and Plat Review Process
LD FIG 2-2 [PDF] 05/04 Figure 2-2: Site Development Review 11" x 17"
LD FIG 2-3 [PDF] 05/04 Figure 2-3: Plat Submittal Review 11" x 17"
LD FIG 2-4 [PDF] 05/04 Figure 2-4: Construction Inspections 11" x 17"
LDM CH 03 [PDF] 06/03 Chapter 3 – Available Resources
LDM CH 04 [PDF] 02/02 Chapter 4 – Property Regulations
LDM CH 05 [PDF] 07/13 Chapter 5 – Permitting Requirements
LDM CH 06 [PDF] 06/03 Chapter 6 – Small Single Family Residential
LDM CH 07 [PDF] 06/03 Chapter 7 – Large Residential and Commercial
LDM CH 08 [PDF] 06/03 Chapter 8 – Overall Stormwater Planning
LDM CH 09 [PDF] 06/03 Chapter 9 – Stormwater Design
LDM CH 10 [PDF] 06/03 Chapter 10 – Stormwater Detention and Quality
LDM CH 11 [PDF] 02/13 Chapter 11 – Floodplain Design
LDM CH 12 [PDF] 06/03 Chapter 12 – Street Design Criteria
LDM CH 13 [PDF] 06/03 Chapter 13 – Site Construction Administration
LDM CH 14 [PDF] 06/03 Chapter 14 – Site Construction Activities
LDM CH 15 [PDF] 06/03 Chapter 15 – Definitions and References

Appendix A - Stormwater Engineering Division Forms

File name Rev. Date Title
LD App A [PDF] 04/18 Index sheet for Appendix A
LD Form A [PDF] 11/18 Permit Application
Form B
Property Owner Acknowledgement
Withdrawn April 2018
LD Form C [PDF] 04/18 Fee Computation Worksheet
Form D
Information Worksheet for CPMSF (Covenants)
Withdrawn April 2018
LD Form E1 [PDF] 01/10 Site Development Review Checklist
LD Form E2 [PDF] 04/08 Site Development Submittal Checklist
​Form F
12/13 Plat Review Checklist
Withdrawn April 2018
LD Form G [PDF] 03/10 Site Inspection Checklist
LD Form H [PDF] 01/17 Development Certification Checklist
Form I
Construction Right-Of-Way Permit
Withdrawn April 2018
Form J
Floodplain Development Permit
Withdrawn April 2018
Form K
Site Development Permit
Withdrawn April 2018
Form L
Notice of Violation (NOV) Form
Withdrawn April 2018
LD Form M1 [PDF] 01/18 Special Pollution Abatement Permit
LD Form M2 [PDF] 01/18 SPAP - Food Handling & Processing Facilities
LD Form M3 [PDF] 01/18 SPAP - Vehicle & Equipment Facilities
LD Form M4 [PDF] 01/18 SPAP - Vehicle Wash Facilities
LD Form M5 [PDF] 01/18 SPAP - Large Parking Lot Facilities
LD Form N [PDF] 04/18 FEMA Elevation Certificate and Instructions (U.S. Government Form OMB No. 1660-0008)
LD Form O [PDF] 01/18 Notice of Intent (NOI) Form
LD Form P [PDF] 03/13 Notice of Termination (NOT) Form
LD Form Q [PDF] 01/18 NOI/SWPPP Review Checklist
LD Form R [PDF] 03/19 Stormwater Monitoring Report Form
 LD Form S [PDF] 04/18 Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control (EPSC) Plan for Small-Single Family Lots

Appendix B - Ordinances

File name Rev. Date Title
LD App B [PDF] 02/13 Index sheet for Appendix B
LD ORD 12 [PDF] 07/19
Flood Damage Prevention and Control
LD ORD 14 [PDF] 05/14 Horticulture (Tree Protection Ordinance)
LD ORD 22.5 [PDF] 07/19
Stormwater (Stormwater & Street Ordinance)
LD ORD 23 [PDF] 10/14 Streets and Sidewalks
Links to the City's Ordinances for land development can be found in the Index Sheet for Appendix B at LD App B [PDF]

Appendix C - Policies

File name Rev. Date Title
LD App C [PDF] 04/18 Index sheet for Appendix C
LD EP 01 [PDF] 02/02 Access Control for Traffic and Driveways
LD EP 02 [PDF] 06/03 Covenants - CPMSF (permanent maintenance agreement)
LD EP 03 [PDF] 06/03 Creek Restoration and Channel Maintenance
LD EP 04 [PDF] 02/02 Drainage Easements
LD EP 05 [PDF] 08/19 Easements for Stormwater Control and Water Quality Facilities
LD EP 06 [PDF] 01/18 Maintenance Access for Stormwater Management Facilities
LD EP 07 [PDF] 06/15 Maintenance Responsibility for Stormwater Drainage Systems
LD EP 08 [PDF] 01/18 Declaration Document Process
LD EP 09 [PDF] 07/14 Performance and Indemnity Agreements (bonds)
LD EP 10 [PDF] 06/03 Retaining Walls
LD EP 11 [PDF] 06/03 Sediment Disposal for Detention Basin Maintenance
LD EP 12 [PDF] 06/06 Sinkhole Development
(Policy #13)   (withdrawn May 2004) Sixty-Day Letter
LD EP 14 [PDF] 06/12 Stormwater Enforcement Response Plan
LD EP 15 [PDF] 06/06 Stormwater Message for Curb Irons and Manhole Lids
LD EP 16 [PDF] 01/18 Stormwater Pipe Materials
LD EP 17 [PDF] 01/19 Survey Control System Requirements
LD EP 18 [PDF] 06/03 Underground Stormwater Facility Maintenance
LD EP 19 [PDF] 06/03 Underground Stormwater Facility Recordkeeping / Reporting
LD EP 20 [PDF] 09/14 No-Rise Certification for Floodway Encroachment
LD EP 21 [PDF] 10/12 No-Fill Line
Policy #22   Stream Buffer Zone (Restricted-Use) 
Withdrawn February 2013
LD EP 23 [PDF] 06/03 List of Studied Streams
LD EP 24 [PDF] 03/06 Appealed Concept or Use-On-Review Plan
LD EP 25 [PDF] 04/19 Post-Construction Water Quality Control for Proprietary Flow-Through Best Management Practices (BMP's)
LD EP 25-A [PDF] 01/18 Policy 25 List A - Sizing Guidelines
LD EP 26 [PDF] 12/09 Utility Construction and Maintenance
LD EP 27 [PDF] 01/18 Qualified Local Program Construction General Permit
LD EP28 [PDF] 09/16  Utility Access Driveways


August 29, 2019 - Revised Policy 5 (Easements for Stormwater Control and Water Quality Facilities) within Appendix C.

July 20, 2019 - Revisions to the Stormwater and Street Ordinance (Chapter 22.5 of City Code) in Appendix B to reflect Ordinance O-83-2019 effective June 4, 2019 and Revisions to the Flood Damage Prevention and Control Ordinance (Chapter 12 of City Code) in Appendix B to reflect Ordinance O-97-2019 effective July 2, 2019.

April 1,  2019 - Revised Policy 25 (Post-Construction Water Quality Control for Proprietary Flow-Through Best Management Practices (BMPs)) within Appendix C.

January 23,  2019 - Revised Policy 17 (Survey Control Requirement) within Appendix C.

November 19, 2018 - Revised Form A (Permit Application) within Appendix A.

For a complete list of revisions, click here.