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March 3rd Update - continued progress 
Construction on the 200 Block of North Central Street continues to go well! There have been no major issues come up in the last two weeks. 

The storm water line work in the intersection of Central Street and Depot Avenue is about 60% complete at the end of this week. This process has been slow going with the number of utility crossings. 

The sidewalk has been redone at the southwest corner of the intersection. Concrete was poured on Thursday for the northwest corner of the intersection. 

Forming the curb at Depot Ave

Installing the new curb on the northwest corner of Depot and Central.

Forming the ADA curb ramps

Here the crew is forming the ADA curb ramps at the northwest corner.

New sidewalk poured

The new sidewalk is poured!

Work has also started on the storm water line at the southeast corner, next to White Lily Flats. Next week the storm water line will continue to be installed from the southeast corner of the intersection and the contractor may place asphalt around the completed corners. 

Thanks for your interest and have a safe and enjoyable weekend! 

Posted by awallace On 03 March, 2017 at 5:59 PM