Zoning Variance Request for Old Flenniken School Project Withdrawn

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Zoning Variance Request for Old Flenniken School Project Withdrawn

Posted: 06/29/2010
The Office of the Ten-Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness announced today that Southeastern Housing Foundation, a non-profit affordable housing development organization, is withdrawing a request for a zoning variance for the old Flenniken School project following a public meeting with area residents. The public meeting was held June 21 at the South Knoxville Recreation Center. Residents clearly felt that there were parking issues with other developments in the area. 

"We wanted to build fewer parking places because we believe they won't be used and that the money to build them could be better spent. We also were concerned about unnecessary concrete which could be green space. However, the number of spaces is a clearly an issue with the people who live nearby," said David Arning of Southeastern Housing Foundation. "District Councilman Nick Pavlis also expressed his concerns. Therefore we are withdrawing the request for variance and will build all 58 parking places required by Codes." 

"We are committed to communicating more with the entire community and to listening to what they say," said Jon Lawler, Director of the Ten-Year Plan. "If we can make adjustments based on what we hear, we will. That's an important part of the process."