Vine Ave. to Become One-Way Street Again

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Vine Ave. to Become One-Way Street Again

Posted: 05/13/2010
Vine Avenue - which has been a two-way street between Gay and Walnut during the ongoing Gay Street Streetscapes Project - will revert back to a one-way traffic (traveling west) on Monday, May 17.

The move will also return 16 on-street parking spaces to Vine which had been bagged when construction started on Gay Street last year so that those spaces could become part of the temporary two-lane road.

Vine had been a one-way street prior to the beginning of the streetscapes project but it became necessary to have two-way traffic there to accommodate construction and local traffic trying to move in and out of the 200 block of Gay Street.

The transition comes after the recent reopening of the 200 block of Gay (located between Vine and Summit Hill Drive) after contractors finished most of the work there.

The 100 block of Gay Street will remain closed to traffic until completion of the project in August.

The Gay Street Streetscapes Project includes the replacement of the street and the replacement and widening of both sidewalks on the 100 and 200 blocks of Gay Street as well as utility improvements on those blocks.