Rate Change at Solid Waste Management Facility

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Rate Change at Solid Waste Management Facility

Posted: 08/06/2010
Effective September 1, 2010, the tipping fee at the Solid Waste Management Facility (SWMF) will be raised from $25 per ton/prorated to $35 per ton/prorated. The fees at the SWMF have not been adjusted since 1997 and this adjustment is based on a recent analysis of the operation as stipulated under City code section 13-58.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact the City of Knoxville Public Service Department Administrative Offices at 215-2060. Thank you and we appreciate your business.


Why is the City raising tipping fees at the SWMF?
Fees at the SWMF have been held constant since being set at $25/per ton in 1997, although costs to operate the facility (i.e. fuel, equipment maintenance and landfill disposal fees) have risen during that time period warranting the adjustment.

How was the $35/per ton tipping fee determined?
The new tipping fee is based on a financial analysis completed of the SWMF during June and July of 2010. The analysis evaluated the revenues and costs of operating the facility including labor, equipment, fuel, materials, and landfill disposal costs.

Is the new fee above or below other comparable locations?
Based on our analysis, the City's SWMF fee is still below the area market. Our facility is centrally located, has fully paved access, a covered concrete unloading floor, sets no load or vehicle size minimums and accepts a wide variety of solid waste and C&D materials. The fee is still below the costs required to operate the facility and are equal to or below the fees set by comparable private operations in the area.

Why should City residents have to pay?
The City SWMF was never designed to be a regular "free" disposal location for City households or businesses. It is designed to provide a safe and central location for residents to deposit materials not accepted by the City's residential garbage collection program and for a variety of commercial customers. The City's current residential garbage collection program is also very generous. Each week, the City's household garbage contractor will collect up to four, thirty-two gallon waste receptacles and five bulky waste items. The City also picks up yard waste (brush and leaves) on pre-determined schedules throughout the year. Additionally, the City provides a free "Amnesty Saturday" disposal day at the SWMF the first Saturday of each month for households. Knox County also provides a number of household garbage disposal centers that are completely open to residents.