City Parks and Recreation Opens an Adopt-a-Park Program

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Kristin Farley
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City Parks and Recreation Opens an Adopt-a-Park Program

Posted: 03/05/2010
Many of us have grown up playing tee ball on a city ballfield; taking an evening walk with our loved ones on the greenways; or just enjoyed nature in a park. In one way or another, city parks are a part of every citizen's life in Knoxville.

That's why the City Parks and Recreation Department is launching an Adopt-a-Park program. A press conference will be held on Tuesday, March 9, at 3:30 p.m. in Tyson Park to kickoff the program. "Parks serve as the front yard of our community," said Mayor Bill Haslam. "A lot of people have a strong attachment to the parks they use and want to do something to help maintain and improve them. This program is a great way for them to become more involved with their favorite parks and it's also going to be a great benefit to the city."

Parks and Recreation Director Joe Walsh and Mayor Bill Haslam reveal the Adopt-A-Park Program on Tuesday, March 9, 2010. Several groups have already committed to the Adopt-a-Park program, including the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Church, Pluto Sports, and the Society for Creative Anachronisms. They will attend the press event to announce their commitment to adopting a park.

The City is inviting individuals, organizations, and groups to sign up as a volunteer for one of the 81 city parks or 40 miles of greenways.

When signing up as a volunteer to adopt a park, groups may be asked to monitor a park or a specific park amenity, report needed repairs, as well as do cleanups and repair projects.

In exchange for their service, volunteers will get an official "Adopt-a-Park" sign posted in the park with their name on it, recognition on the park's web page, and cleanup materials provided by the City.

"We've had many volunteers in our parks in the past, but we wanted to do something more official," said Joe Walsh, Director of Knoxville Parks and Recreation. "We are lucky to have the quality of parks we do in Knoxville, and we're eager to see how the future partnerships we make with the community will improve parks for everyone." 

For more information, please visit or call 311 to get an Adopt-a-Park information brochure mailed to you today.