Opportunities on S. Knox waterfront

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Opportunities on S. Knox waterfront

Posted: 04/12/2005
Development of the South Knoxville waterfront should proceed in incremental steps utilizing a vision of its potential for new housing, commercial and recreational uses.

The feasibility study, authored by Fregonese Calthorpe Associates and funded by the City of Knoxville and the East Tennessee Community Design Center, recommends that tax-increment financing - the difference in taxes paid by current development and new development on a specific site - be used for some of the infrastructure needed to support new development.

The report also suggests that a master plan be developed that builds upon the Metropolitan Planning Commission's sector plan, neighborhood plans and current development activity and include public involvement.

The master plan should address, according to the study: land uses and zoning; urban design guidelines; economic forecasts; transportation; streetscapes; utilities; capital improvements; public access to the waterfront; and archeological surveys.

Several factors make the South Knoxville waterfront amenable to development including the views, lake access, proximity to downtown and the University of Tennessee area, and relatively low property values.

Obstacles to development, according to the survey, include steep slopes, floodplain, archeological sites and existing industrial uses.

"This study gives us a good road map on the different options we could consider to stimulate development along the South Knoxville waterfront," Mayor Bill Haslam said. "We will take these recommendations under consideration as we proceed with the budget for the 2005-2006 fiscal year and develop financial forecasts for our future needs."