Knoxville Fire Department turns 120

Communications Director

Kristin Farley
(865) 215-2589

400 Main St., Room 691
Knoxville, TN 37902

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Knoxville Fire Department turns 120

Posted: 08/29/2005
To celebrate its 120th anniversary, the Knoxville Fire Department is hosting a celebration and exposition at Boomsday and Open Houses at its fire stations.

On exhibit at Boomsday, the Sept. 4 celebration at Volunteer Landing, will be the City's newest fire engine and two antique fire engines. Children will have the opportunity to see how fast they can "turnout" when an alarm sounds as they lie in bed and they have to scramble to don real firefighter's protective clothing in as fast a time as possible. They will receive a certificate with their time recorded.

A Fire Safety House will feature education about combustible materials and fire hazards in the home, and visitors will be able to experience finding their way to safety in a smoke-filled room. Information will also be available on the Smoke Alarm Program, which provides free smoke alarms and batteries to those who cannot afford them.

Information will also be available on the East Tennessee Firefighters Museum, which seeks to preserve and present the heritage of firefighters and Fire Departments from the East Tennessee region. Tax-deductible donations will be accepted.

Also, beginning Wednesday, Sept. 7 and running through Friday, Oct. 14 each fire station will host an open house for the community.

The Knoxville Fire Department traces its roots to 1885 when it evolved from a volunteer department to one staffed full-time with paid firefighters. The department has grown over that time from seven firefighters to more than 300 firefighters who meet the fire, emergency medical, rescue, and hazardous materials needs for the City of Knoxville residents and companies.