Jerry Ledbetter to retire

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Jerry Ledbetter to retire

Posted: 03/09/2005
Jerry Ledbetter, senior director of the City of Knoxville's Department of Engineering and Operations, will retire effective June 30, the end of the city's fiscal year, Mayor Bill Haslam announced today. "Jerry's leadership and counsel has been invaluable to me in these first 15 months," Mayor Haslam said. "He's been an important part of the team, and he will be missed." Ledbetter returned to city government in January 2004 after serving 16 years at KUB as an engineer and manager of treatment plants, operations and construction. From 1980 to 1987, he served as engineer and deputy director of wastewater control system for the City of Knoxville.

"It's been a pleasure and privilege to serve in city government under Mayor Haslam," Ledbetter said. "Still, I look forward to a retirement where I will spend more time traveling, hiking and doing the things that work never seems to leave time for."

Concurrent with Ledbetter's retirement, Mayor Haslam will appoint an engineering director and building inspections director. They report to David Hill, the City's chief operating officer. Internal and external applicants will be considered for the posts. The engineering director will oversee the engineering division, which includes civil, storm water and traffic engineering duties. The building inspections director will fill the role of the chief building official, with responsibility for building and related permits, as well as plans review. "We are continuing to seek efficiencies while improving customer service in city government," Mayor Haslam said. "These changes result in no additional cost to taxpayers and provide greater oversight of day-to-day operations."